What Does The Different States Of Cervical Fluid Look Like Cervical Fluid...normal/not Normal?

Cervical fluid...normal/not normal? - what does the different states of cervical fluid look like

At the moment I have a child aged 15 months and 6 weeks after she was born, my cycle has started full force again. Before I thought of my daughter on the discharge is normal (dry, sticky, creamy and rain), but after my daughter, and after the cycle of my discharge were different. Basically since the day of my term ends, until it begins to discharge my sticky or not (but tougher). Nevertheless, I took my daughter to nurse until they 13 months. So I thought that the mucus is due to my nurse. It was 7 weeks since I stopped nursing, and nothing has changed. Two weeks ago I had my annual pap, and everything is back to normal. Did I mention that the doctor my concerns, but said that, as my body tells me that the fertilization is due. So I thought to look here and see if any of you other mom did the same thing happen. I thought about a second opinion, but my husband in the army, so it is not so easy to get "Yes"cond notify you if there is a question of life or death.


Brutally Honest said...

I agree with your doctor. Every woman's body goes through major changes before, during and after pregnancy, and that's just the way your body to do things in order. A year from now, you've probably already back to square one ... I know that I finally got everything back to the form of pre-pregnancy, but it took almost 4 years!

Even if your doctor was not in question, I doubt it to be.

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