Dry Heaves More Condition_symptoms My 16 Year Old Son Is Having Problems With His Stomach. He Dry Heaves And Lost Weight. What Can Be Wrong?

My 16 year old son is having problems with his stomach. He dry heaves and lost weight. What can be wrong? - dry heaves more condition_symptoms

My son has lost over 20 pounds in a month. It was not much, because his stomach hurt eatting. The arches and it feels worse now, after chewing gum with mint or brushing with toothpaste. He did not see a doctor. I wonder what some of the possibilities that could be treated.


Tigger said...

My condolences, Mama, "But your son needs a doctor, and must assert its authority. If not, your child because you help alone, Dad: You must present a united front for the boys. There are a number of things which may be wrong, all serious, as it has lost much weight.

Good luck.

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