Bath Mat No Suction Cups Bath Mat No Suction Cups I Need A Bathtub Mat W/O Suction Cups. HELP!!!?

I need a bathtub mat W/O suction cups. HELP!!!? - bath mat no suction cups bath mat no suction cups

My bathtub has a light texture, just not enough respect for the suckers. I have tried several Carpet (all sales), but nothing works. I paused and put it on the wall of the bathtub, only to see my daughter. She kept slipping in the bathtub and I need something more friction! HELP!


Jennield said...

Search: Gator Grip in
GT2 is the number
It is a peel and stick is nice and comfortable for their daughters Tushy! There was a review on (they are all sold), who said he had worked in bathtubs in the texture.
They also have a superb Edge Mat (Item # GE2) is! I will order them now!
For some reason, no, Y! Send a link must not: (

Ms Know It All said...

I've seen it, but I can find online.

They are well made of soft rubber and latex are ribbed - the type of fabric rolls grip the tape, which you can buy?

You can search in a medical supply store, specializing in home help for seniors.

Good luck!

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