Gna Fine Porcelain Do You Think This Is Too Flirty For Someone In A Serious Relationship? Please, Need Your Opinions?

Do you think this is too flirty for someone in a serious relationship? Please, need your opinions? - gna fine porcelain

That's like me, blah blah.
Jus wondering if this conversation is a flirtation with a person in a relationship. A debate will be resolved:)

Thanks for all opinions.
They are friends on the road, and this person talk a lot and loves this person (apparently purely plantonically)

*** BTW, are names.

Did u at home but the baby on Friday?
where ru goin thought Darlin UNI? outside of London?

I hm YH fine thx u?
Tellin NEG **** me off because CZ had tequila lol
and I had no idea rly lol im soo confused x

October 14 to 19: 06
Lol If we end up having to walk home
Do not worry about **** they drank a lot anyway:)
But I was a little burned out, or decided not to dance on the tables looked very happy about this lol
WOT ru going to study in school?

15. October 21:27
lol shes crazy ...... Can relate lol encounter
I'm not really disappointed, I 2, I miss my dancin on the tables sgen mites HAV 2: Start the day lol
The GNAStudy of primary school is a master of

16. October at 12.56 clock
Well, dance, decide on a time or, on the tables in the first person to start the best and I realize I am very concerned about the dance style UF fascinated, I'll probably booty shakin lol
Teach age or WOT? Children under 1 to start school?

Sorry for the bad use of grammar as well:)
Thanks for the advice, it is easy to settle a debate me and my partner! The reality is solved:)


CHAITANY... said...

Grammar ,....... poor hmm ......... Nice, Nice, follow the tempo.

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