Nasza Klasa Maruda 1969 Warszawa How Can I Deactivate My Nasza Klasa?

How can i deactivate my Nasza Klasa? - nasza klasa maruda 1969 warszawa

I learn Polish Up (I jus moved to Poland) but no more.

How can I disable it. I do not know if all the paint, you can step by step, pray for me.

Thank you:)

PS I know what I did was stupid - I jus want to get rid of him. THX


bramblet... said...

After logging in, click "edycja Przejdź do profilu" which is on the right side. Then you have the option "Advanced", and once there, click on "Delete Account." You are invited to enter to forget.
By the way, if you delete your account, because people are curious, you can make visible to all, more private rather than delete them. It can be in "edycja Przejdź do profilu do" click "prywatności.
Regardless of whether you decide, I hope you to be part successful.
Take care:)

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