Blood Disorders Among Hairdressers Did You Know That What Is And What Isn't A Mental Disorder Is Determined By Popular Vote?

Did you know that what is and what isn't a mental disorder is determined by popular vote? - blood disorders among hairdressers

I wonder how many people know that if something is included in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), the bible "of the psychological profession, or not" depends on scientific facts, but only through a referendum.

In fact, there was a "mental illness" that existed at the slaves in the southern United States in 1800. The symptom had tried to flee their masters. They agreed and decided that she was a "mental illness". In the 1860s, was suddenly "cured" by the civil war.

As the science of psychology, if on the basis of opinions and voices to decide what is and is not a disease? Is not it something like the choice of the people in the America's Got Talent? Should not there some kind of real blood or biological tests to diagnose people as "sick" and not just a question?


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