Infant With Sinus Infection What If You Did Not Get Your Vaccinations As A Child?

What if you did not get your vaccinations as a child? - infant with sinus infection

I am 28 years old and just discovered that I do not have all my shots as a baby and toddler. My mother does not even remember if I did. She said all she remembers that there is a shortage, if he tries to do in the 70 years. Does this have a serious impact on my health later in life? So far, I was very healthy. I have the flu each winter on the other side, but many people who had their shots. I suffer from Sever infections of the sinuses. That's all I can remember.


SunDance... said...

In fact, childhood vaccinations are gone, when your age. If you do not have the disease in childhood, is very likely beyond. Many diseases have been eradicated or new strains that are not protected by vaccines age anyway. Do not worry.

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