C O P D More Condition_symptoms Can A High White Cell Count Be Caused By C.O.P.D, A Pituitary Gland Tumour, Or Female Problems?

Can a high white cell count be caused by C.O.P.D, a Pituitary gland tumour, or female problems? - c o p d more condition_symptoms

I went to an ophthalmologist for vision problems and headaches. They ordered a scan which revealed a problem with my PT gland (one macroadenoma), and she asked me to do, then an MRI. The blood work is back and he suggested they have a high number of white blood cells. The test results also read "Sed Rate, Westergren - 40 Normally that was between 0 and 20. Not even an idea of what it is. But it's a little scary. I do not see the doctor about the results After the MRI is everything, and I'm waiting for the appointment of fact and the doctor's office called me. .... I'm worried because I know the Leaukemia. What is the infection and the infection of a cyst I know that not heal up and go away (it was almost one year). it has now started having a problem with COPD and have something like hyperplasia complex.

I would be glad no serious answers ...... Thank you.


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