Prostate Cancer More Condition_symptoms If My Grandmother Had Ovarian Cancer, Does The Make Me More Prone To Any Male Sexual Organ Cancers? Prostate?

If my grandmother had ovarian cancer, does the make me more prone to any male sexual organ cancers? prostate? - prostate cancer more condition_symptoms

I wonder, since it was written ... Am I more likely to have one testicle, etc. prostate cancer? or gender, because otherwise we are not going to happen?


Denisedd... said...

There is no gene that increases the risk of ovarian and prostate cancer. However, hereditary cancer is rare and very unlikely, if your grandmother was 50 and she was a member of the family or exclusively by cancer. Even if it were a rare hereditary form of a risk of 50% for her and her son, and if there is a probability of 50%, give it to you.

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