Ideas For Creating A Cake With A Bike On It Making A Winnie Poo Cake - How Would I Make Icing That Looks Like Honey?

Making a Winnie Poo cake - how would I make icing that looks like honey? - ideas for creating a cake with a bike on it

Please see attached photo is what I am trying to create ... Any idea how to set things in motion early this aspect? ...


allie_4_... said...

and there are many different things you can do, you can use honey cake would be really sweet, but perhaps not the best option if the chocolate cake, caramel, or you can use that from zero (can not really) so hard or simply melt in the microwave or oven, or simply use the caramel sauce ... but if you try to weight loss, first impulse, making it to the right consistency of honey, and I would go with chocolate and caramel cake with vanilla. There is also a recipe that I like to use, do not do what you really need to be measured. shall give a good amount of sugar in a bowl, then Puy in a little orange juice. Adjust the amounts of powdered sugar until done, and it has the consistency of a thin layer of orange and is very easy. then add about 4-5 squeezes of honey and stir-inch color, consistency should be slightly thicker and longer regarded as honey. continue to add honey until it looks the way you want. You sit down to negotiate a little does not run all the way to the sides of the cake, about 15 minutess, giving a slight movement, and sprinkle it on your cake and let it spread by itself. If some did not ice the sides do not worry, it will look more authentic, seeing as honey and homemade, as it was. or use white gel frosting and add food coloring orange
I hope that helped!

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