Brazilian Waxing With Period Should I Schedule A Brazilian Wax 1 Week After 1st Day Or Last Day Of My Period?

Should I schedule a Brazilian wax 1 week after 1st day or last day of my period? - brazilian waxing with period

I understand that you need to do is wait one or two weeks after your period so that the skin is less sensitive, but I wonder whether it's by 1 week after the first day or 1 week after the last day . I think that the last day, but I want a full body wax in the near future. Do you think you could go out with her one weeks after the first day without screaming my head?


Jen said...

I believe it is in reality one weeks after your period starts. Your hormones are quiet and their sensitivity is lower. Depends on your pain tolerance and if you did not have that before. You should be fine if you do a week after the start.

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