Good Loli Sites Is Anime "loli" Considered Child Porn? Isn't It Illegal? Or Not?

Is anime "loli" considered child porn? Isn't it illegal? Or not? - good loli sites

I saw some pictures of anime (yes I am) an idiot, and I have some really good sites with photos and tables. I ran a gallery lolicon called "Loli, Lolikon. Then you click on it. Obviously," Loli "are images of underage girls hentai. An age group (estimate) by kid-14 may 15th but it's like in anime cartoon. I was wondering, this is not considered child pornography? "Child pornography is illegal, but is alive, as they legal or illegal?

If someone points that I wrote something, yay! I am inclined to do.

BTW I'm in the U.S., if this question is to ask whether or not in the United States illegally.


Girl With Grade 9 Eggs said...

I read your perfectly legal, but still not appropriate ..... our life but in the United States not to forget

mr dance moves said...

No, it means you're sick and was once the artist is ill. Child pornography is real people, but if you are a collection of art minors permissible to say that the art of animation in his power, I think it would be a suspect. the police will certainly have a little more difficult.

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