Mouth Herpes More Condition_symptoms Should A Non-herpes Diabetic Date Or Marry A Woman With Genital And Mouth Herpes Due To Autoimmune Concerns?

Should a non-herpes diabetic date or marry a woman with genital and mouth herpes due to autoimmune concerns? - mouth herpes more condition_symptoms

I'm an insulin-dependent diabetes is well controlled and good health.

I met a woman that you love, and genital herpes. Then my immune system is diabetes, which is easy for me, weakened from its contract herpes, although herpes remains intact?


LINDSEY S said...

Herpes can be transmitted to you if they for some time, will affect the immune system or not idle. This is due to the viral proliferation takes place between the breaks and is not detectable. You can find more of a possibility of recruitment and have more trouble against herpes breaks if you have the contract. You can frequent breaks when depressed immune system caused by disease, infection or stress.
If you're really in love with her and wants to be with her, while the risk is something we should consider and something that you need to talk. There are things you can do to prevent shingles. If you have ever had a break then no oral or genital sex, the house is completely healed up and away. There should be a form of suppressive therapy, but also lowers the risk (not eliminate entirely) to get herpes from her. When they stopped, he is less contagious, but there is a small risk that could spread herpes.

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