Seamless Shower Enclosures In Re-modeling My Bathroom, I Want To Build The Shower Walls And Entire Bath Floor Out Of Concrete...?

In re-modeling my bathroom, I want to build the shower walls and entire bath floor out of concrete...? - seamless shower enclosures

My goal: to my bedroom to the bathroom, shower and install a new bathtub to replace the old ones. What I really want is to have the shower walls, the floor of the bathroom and the coatings are very likely to be perfect, and the same material. The aim is to gently sloping floor of the shower drain (without beak between the floor and the shower core) to facilitate the maintenance and cleaning. (Does that make sense?)

Can I use money for cement or brick or stone?

I am open to any idea - it will take some time before I am ready to start on this project.


Cheryl said...

It is ideal for me to use the panel on Cement Backer plate green on the walls. Of course, you want a kind of ornamental plants, not only of concrete, because it was stamped, concrete with a color additive

llittle mama said...

Taking into account the weight of all that concrete around you, so make sure you won * t get off the ground into the basement. before doing anything else.

Glenn B said...

Current state of the art shows that you must use a concrete floor Backer. Use a card that you like and it will be very happy. Stay away from the concrete Strickly. Can be used on most new bucket in the old pictures of jobs, not too many options can be installed to make the right choice. Good luck.

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