Morphy Richards Bread Machine Morphy Richards 48220 Bread Machine No Instructions, Recipes, Cup Or Spoon?

Morphy Richards 48220 bread machine no instructions, recipes, cup or spoon? - morphy richards bread machine

I need a recipe for a basic white bread for my bread and tea Morphy Richards 48,220. However, I need the weight and order of addition and not by cups and spoons, as they are missing! A recipe for gingerbread, and the weight would be a bonus. Thank you very much


Jodi.P said...

Recipe method:

1 Measure ingredients into the bowl.
2 Insert baking pan securely into unit, close the lid.
3 Select the appropriate settings on bread.
4 push-button to start.
5 The bread machine is the sound and the screen 3 times
flash "END" when bread is finished.
6 Using pot holders, pan from machine.
7 Remove bread pan (and kneading
A baking sheet if necessary).
8 You Let cool before cutting to.
This method is for the notes, if any,
At the end of each recipe.
The basic white bread
Ingredients Small Large
Water 3 / 4 cup 11 / 8 cups
2 tablespoons milk powder 21 / 2 tsp Soup
2 tablespoons butter 21 / 2 c. Soup
Sugar 11 / 4 tea v. 21 / 4 v. soup
1 teaspoon salt 11 / 4 v. Tea
Strong flour 2 cups 3 cups
1 teaspoon dry yeast 11 / 4 v. Tea
Use the default value of 1 2 or 3

poppy said...

Go to website Morphy Richards - there is a section to the missing download manuals for their products - usually there are some basic recipes included - bread machine cookbooks in bookstores and are easily accessible --
Good luck and have fun baking xx

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