Activate Windowblinds 6.1 Using Windowblinds: No Matter What Skin I Click On, It Goes To Windows Classic! How Can I Make The Skins Work?

Using Windowblinds: no matter what skin I click on, it goes to windows classic! How can I make the skins work? - activate windowblinds 6.1

With WindowBlinds no matter what I on the skin, goes to Windows Classic! How can I work the skins? I Unsung WindowBlinds 6.0 and is fully activated. I will be downloaded to one of the skins I have, and returns to the classic Windows for some reason, even though my system is XP and not used before. I want to use only my own skins.

Thanks in advance!


Shawn said...

Do you have previous test version of Windows stores before you buy? If so, you have to uninstall the current version and enter your program files and delete the "Stardock" folder and install the

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