Cake Delivery Nyc Cheap Birthday Cake In NYC?

Cheap Birthday Cake in NYC? - cake delivery nyc

The birthday of my friend is in 9 days and lives in New York. I would like to meet an entry (New York) a birthday cake need not be complicated. I choose for myself or a friend pick it up, it is not a criterion of delivery. It must either be in Manhattan or Queens area of Long Iceland. It should not take either be big - just enough for three people, one or two days. I was lucky not to Google. Suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!


NYer said...

Hmm, Costco and BJ's have birthday cake fairly inexpensive (under $ 20 and I think is great). Supermarkets cake also quite cheap. In fact, really save money, you can create a simple, 2 or 3 Layer Cake Make Yourself (buy a cake). Buy or a glaze. Nothing is cheaper than that. Moreover, because it is homemade, your BF might actually flattered that you have the time to cook. You can purchase cake decorations in a supermarket and as elegant as you want.

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