My Dvd Upconverter Stopped Working Should I Return My Recently Purchased HD DVD Player And Buy A Much Cheaper DVD Upconverter Instead?

Should I return my recently purchased HD DVD player and buy a much cheaper DVD upconverter instead? - my dvd upconverter stopped working

Is it the money to keep HD-DVD player? Is not that what the same function as an upconverter? Please correct me if I'm wrong and tell me why it is much better, the HD-DVD.


agb90spr... said...

Depends on what you are getting paid (and presumably, you can return it) and what's important.

First, consider whether it can take advantage of HD DVD (or Blu-ray offers a video and audio quality) are identical. Basically, you need a medium to large HDTV .. eg 40 inch or less, preferably 1080p. One also needs a safe distance (ie 1.5 - 3X size of the screen to see. If you have less than 1080p, and higher if 720p). You also need to d an HDMI port.

Incidentally, I have an HD DVD player and can not provide sufficient improvement to justify the purchase of the HD, but I have the players for reasons that appear in May, you will read on.

There are relatively few HD-DVD (less than 400, and Blu-ray is the same), and many movies are not available in HD-DVD. The discs are more expensive than the DVD drive, and the preview (eg, economic) are not (yet) available. So - unless you are in the foot by refusing to see a movie when they see high-definition - you will see many movies, even if you do) an HD disc player (one or both formats.

A high-definition deinterlace (if necessary) and an incoming senior 480i or 480p DVD video signals. However, some HDTV a good job. Enter upscaling DVD player ... You can do a better job. However, it is only a good upscaling DVD player worth. The models cheap (certainly not including at least $ 100 - $ 125) just enough to get the video processing in most HDTV to beat (see article link) for a discussion.

HD DVD (and Blu-ray) to the repair upconversion DVD player, and depending on what you have paid in May, the cost to the image of all the DVDs you still follow to improve for a while (years).

You can test this by comparing a DVD to HD DVD and DVD player today. The image is sufficiently improved in the HD-DVD player to get a performance?

If you benefit from upscaling DVD and HD-DVD that you can is more (or perhaps slightly higher) price of a good upconversion (not consider HD) DVD player (eg Oppo 981, $ 229), their conservation. Cooperation can helpnside the HD DVD is not an HD-DVD itself, but as an upscaling DVD player, also plays HD-DVD.

So ... There are some factors to consider. Hope it helps.

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