Logik Lcx27wn2 Specification I Can't Find The Sky+ Remote Code For My Logik LCX27WN2 Telly.?

I can't find the Sky+ remote code for my Logik LCX27WN2 telly.? - logik lcx27wn2 specification

I tried the four codes in the list for logic-TV Sky, joyless (221, 033, 061 and 039). There are a few that I found and tried, without success.
The default settings do not work (000, 111, 123) so little spending the next few weeks and tried 1000-codes, and receive a shipping charge AAA batteries, could use a little help, if please.


Goliath said...

Here are all the TV codes for Sky Remote Logic list. 0547.0696, 0221, 0039, 1245, 0037.1065, 0908, 0726, 0399,

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