Football First Aid Kits Who Is The Man In The ITV Advert For Soccer Aid 2008?

Who is the man in the ITV advert for Soccer Aid 2008? - football first aid kits

ITV to show an advertisement to support football, where a man begins with an on and off your football team during the football around and I'm sure you know that I saw this man can not but share ideas?


rachmanp... said...

I think it's Billy Wingrove - who is also in hair gel ad

He is a football player freestyle

And ..... nice:-P

Caggs 71 said...

This is a message broadcast on ITV, beware of him, I think Michael Owen is!

sharon t said...

Im not 100% but I can not the same argument with my friend, I think that's Michael Owen and he said he is not. Can anyone confirm that Michael Owen is ??????

L R said...

I can not even have the video of the announcement that someone can provide a link?

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