Instead Feminine Product What Product's Do You Recommend For Eyebrow Lightening?

What product's do you recommend for eyebrow lightening? - instead feminine product

I have brown hair natural environment (species Velvet Chocolate Herb ..) but I have very dark eyebrows (Jet Jet Black). I feel so / brow tint lighter shade, it will soften my face, gives me a feminine look that I want.

I'm worried if I did wrong product, you run the risk of orange / bleach eyebrows are looking to choose instead the result of a light brown. Product Recommendations?


loves christmas lights said...

There are no products for this, why do you ask? If blindness is dripping in your eyes, and if that is not enough because the hair that would grow outside the United States made for a clown over, and no possibility of the hair root.
Your options, real wax to darken or thin, or shave and a pencil with the color of your choice.

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