Sacrificial Bam Deck Mtg I Have Many Decks Now And Want To Make A Whole New One I Would Like To Know A Very Good One To Get?

I have many decks now and want to make a whole new one i would like to know a very good one to get? - sacrificial bam deck mtg

I have an elves, goblins, Grixis, green and blue sunset, with Bruiser, the artefact bam deck of slaughter, and a package of proposals covered Boros?


kevin t said...

This is not the number of bridges, but they are good or not. Elves are not bad, but it has many shortcomings.

Some units are in great fairy boat Brew, Kithkin and Tokens covered deck. Note that you can have your quality and not quantity, 1 large package, and beat all the covers, one by one. The aim is to create a brutal coverage;)

But yes, here are my suggestions

Ðαx² said...

One proposal would Deck Out Door (in the Newt belerica Jace add).

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