Groping On Train Forum I Read Something About The Use Of "Woman's Only" Train Carts In Tokyo Because Of A "groping" Problem. Is It...

I read something about the use of "Woman's Only" train carts in Tokyo because of a "groping" problem. Is it... - groping on train forum

Is this a big problem in the subway or the train there?


angeldus... said...

It used to be a big problem and remains a problem.
So many women are victims of offenses score and only have impunity. Even if the victim had tried to do something, do not normally deal.
Thus railway company has a solution that is found that women only cars. If only during rush hour, so that the victims of pre-emption would feel much more comfortable to do with the proceedings and eliminate the guesswork about the future.
But unfortunately always happens in the dark. I wish the offenses will contribute stiffer sentences.

Max said...

Yup, Japanese men are so perverse, but can not be any action then he should go instead to a full train and grope women. Sad reality.

sobuhutc... said...

Yes, there is a problem, but I hear complaints that foreign women, concluded to be. Accidentally hitting a man in an area with Buttox sex or something. Call us at incedental. Trains and I burst into inadvertent contact with the men and women in places taboos. It happens.

I digress, there are people in Japan who want to be women, or deliberately hit and fall to catch women. Sometimes a car.

rosiecos... said...

That is not true. I lived in Japan for almost 4 years. Japan married not go there so much time together, not separately, however. The Japanese are very friendly and always thinking of others first.

takuro81... said...

I'm sure it is not so great in reality. But the companies are preferred to see the rail at the clock and as a further attempt, is one of the most cutting edge and offers for women.

Today, at the peak of success for a company to be loved by women. This point is very clear and could be in another industry.

I personally believe that "women simply buy" the idea is quite stupid, too busy with other more cars, especially during peak hours in the morning.

I am Japanese living in Japan.

wahoobob... said...

They are only "women only" during peak hours, and yes, black is a problem (the trains are full at this time and it is easy for men) understand the anonymity. In general, women are afraid to say what not to bring embarrassment to the man and the other passengers. The best what to do if you are groped by a stranger on the train, is to scream "Chikan" (perverse). This is enough to stop for them.

haruka said...

it can be. If we grope in Japan, alone or with a friend and her daughter, and probable. Who claim to make about the accident by "move" for you or something similar. You do not believe that the local population.

If you then call the chances are that you are alone and not try again.

Princess Kushinada said...

I think more than in other countries but in Japan, where many people value the safety of these crimes did not notice almost, and the constant pressure on those responsible to change something.
BTW, not a victim of Chikan would say it's stupid measure.My BF Korea considers that the measure is really good, so do not worry about me.

TokyoE said...

You need to understand one another and in context and in Japan a high density of population in a small area, which often travel on trains at peak hour in peak times, has utilized over 200%, it is not sitting and you are in a train like sardines stuck. Unfortunately, there is much wrong, the benefits of these situations.

In the Tokyo area, because at peak times, women are busy times of the cars during peak hours.

Sometimes someone may be permitted to do so voluntarily, sometimes a woman is not sure whether someone innocent because it is that the trains are so jammed packed, and again there are people taking advantage of these situations.

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